You’ve seen typewriter animations. You’ve seen the power of Highlight.js. Now you’re seeing the ultimate game-changer: typewriter animations for highlighted code, yay.

Typewriter Effect using Vanilla JS and Highlight.js

Most of the animations out there work only for a single line of text. Some even span multiple lines but only support a predefined text markup. …

Refactoring #1: Using ternary and null coalescing operators in PHP

Take a look at this little method below. Three issues come to mind the first time you see it. Unnecessary calls to array_key_exists, long chaining of if conditions, and a redundant nested code. Let's see how it can be improved, without changing its behavior.

Using the null coalescing operator

The first thing we want…

Testing Fat Laravel Controllers — Pt. 2

Before we start with the second part of testing our fat controller, let’s clarify what we should have from the start, that these tests are meant to be carried out like this in a certain dev environment. …

Testing Fat Laravel Controllers — Pt. 1

Many new products launching out there don’t embrace a TDD approach. It’s the norm that code is pushed to production for months until the MVP is ready or launch is due. …

Some might consider Laravel model testing to be a gruesome task, especially when there’s plenty of them in the codebase, and most of them are covered by other unit or feature tests. However, to get to that sweet 100% (or so) coverage, these tests need to be carried out. …

Geni Jaho

Full-stack web developer with a passion for software architecture and cloud computing.

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